Markovnikov's rule

Markovnikov's rule
Markovnikovljevo pravilo

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  • Markovnikov's rule — is illustrated by the reaction of propene with hydrobromic acid In organic chemistry, Markovnikov s rule or Markownikoff s rule is an observation based on Zaitsev s rule. It was formulated by the Russian chemist Vladimir Vasilevich Markovnikov in …   Wikipedia

  • Markovnikov rule — ▪ chemistry       in organic chemistry, a generalization, formulated by Vladimir Vasilyevich Markovnikov (Markovnikov, Vladimir Vasilyevich) in 1869, stating that in addition reactions (addition reaction) to unsymmetrical alkenes, the electron… …   Universalium

  • markovnikov rule — märˈkȯvnəˌkȯf noun Usage: usually capitalized M Etymology: after Vladimir V. Markovnikov died 1904 Russ. chemist : a statement in chemistry: in the addition of compounds to olefins the negative portion of the compound added (as the bromine in… …   Useful english dictionary

  • Vladimir Markovnikov — Vladimir Vasilyevich Markovnikov Late 19th century photograph of Marknovnikov. Born December 22 …   Wikipedia

  • Règle de Markovnikov — La règle de Markovnikov est une loi utilisée en chimie organique basée sur la règle de Zaïtsev. Elle a été formulée par le chimiste russe Vladimir Markovnikov en 1870. Elle stipule que lors de l addition d un composé ionique du type H − X sur une …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Vladímir Markóvnikov — Vladimir Vasilyevich Markovnikov Nacimiento 22 de diciembre de 1837 Shusha, Rusia Fallecimiento 11 d …   Wikipedia Español

  • Zaitsev's rule — In chemistry, Zaitsev s rule, Saytzeff s rule or Saytsev s rule named after Alexander Mikhailovich Zaitsev (number of different spellings due to the name being transliterated from Russian) is a rule that states that if more than one alkene can be …   Wikipedia

  • Morris S. Kharasch — Morris Selig Kharasch (August 24, 1895 – October 9, 1957) was a pioneering organic chemist best known for his work with free radical additions and polymerizations. He defined the peroxide effect, explaining how an anti Markovnikov orientation… …   Wikipedia

  • Regla de Markownikoff — Saltar a navegación, búsqueda En química, la regla de Markovnikov o regla de Markownikoff es una observación respecto a las reacción de adición electrófila. Fue formulada por el químico ruso Vladimir Vasilevich Markovnikov en 1870[1] [2] . En una …   Wikipedia Español

  • Alkene — This article is about the chemical compound. For the material, see Olefin fiber. Not to be confused with Alkane or Alkyne. A 3D model of ethylene, the simplest alkene. In organic chemistry, an alkene, olefin, or olefine is an unsaturated ch …   Wikipedia

  • Oxymercuration reaction — Oxymercuration reduction [1] The oxymercuration reaction is an electrophilic addition organic reaction that transforms an alkene into a neutral alcohol. In oxymercuration, the alkene reacts with mercuric acetate (AcO Hg OAc) in aqueous solution… …   Wikipedia

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